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Want to know Who's Calling?

Hear the name and number announced before you answer!

Check out our customer reviews to find out why so many people love these products. The patented VoiceAnnounce® technology gives you the peace of mind knowing when it is important to answer the phone, and let's you avoid unwanted calls without interrupting what you're doing.

Hearing is believing!

Check out our Discovery Channel video demonstration of the VoiceAnnounce Caller ID in action.


  VoiceAnnounce Caller ID for your Home
VoiceAnnounce Caller ID

ClassCo VoiceAnnounce® Caller ID model 9900CW


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Want to know who's calling? Hear the caller's name or number announced before your answer!

Announces and displays the caller's name and telephone number when the phone rings. Provides true convenience for busy families who want to know who's calling before interrupting what they're doing to answer the phone. Senior citizens and children at home can avoid unwanted calls, but still know when it's OK to answer the phone. Record customized announcements to identify up to 50 frequent callers. Leave personalized outgoing messages for specific callers. Announces "Number Unknown" (usually telemarketers) and "Number Blocked" when people block their caller ID. Features include announcement of incoming and call waiting calls, audible call review with date/time announcement, English and Spanish display and announcements, and adjustable volume control. Superior sound quality makes it easy to recognize who's calling. Batteries not required. Includes product guide, telephone cord, and power adapter.




  VoiceAnnounce Caller ID for Skype
VoiceAnnounce caller ID for Skype

ClassCo VoiceAnnounce® Communicator for Skype™


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Use Skype all around the home and office - without having to be in front of the computer!

ClassCo's VoiceAnnounce® Communicator is a new software application for Windows® and makes the popular Skype "internet telephone" service easy to use for people when they are away from the computer, and improves access to Skype for people with special needs. Here's how it works: When a Skype call comes in, the VoiceAnnounce Communicator announces the caller's identity over the computer's speakers, cordless headset, or handset. Users can record custom announcements associated with their Skype contacts, or just let the software's built-in text-to-speech engine announce the contact names automatically. The software also includes speaker-independent speech recognition and listens for commands such as "call", "answer" and "hang-up", providing a voice command interface to Skype's telephony functions as well as the Skype contact list.