For public alert and notification

Used by New Brunswick Power for all  premises in the EPZ around Lepreau Nuclear Power Generating Station

For special services

Used by the NH Chapter of the American Red Cross to activate the emergency radio communications network

For municipalities and government

Used by the City of Sarnia Police for public alerting and first responder activation



In the News

California County Tries Multilingual Warning System, Washington Post

Province Developing "Reverse 911" System, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Emergency Systems Hits Air, Concord Monitor



White Papers

Public Safety Messaging System




Emergency Notification Products

ClassCo provides innovative and highly effective public notification solutions for consumers, emergency managers, and service providers. ClassCo Alert and Notification Solutions deliver coded notifications over the telephone network to devices that present the notification using text and voice announcements. This maximizes message delivery capability, reduces cost for infrastructure and messages, and significantly improves notification awareness.

Highest Speed and Throughput

ClassCo Alert and Notification Solutions enhance existing "dial out" systems by enabling them to increase notification throughput by up to ten times (10X) without increasing trunk or bandwidth capacity. This makes a ClassCo-enabled system suitable for both high speed mass notification (even for geographically dense populations) and for the precision targeting of individual recipients and geographic areas.

Most Effective Notification

Industry experts have concluded that an effective public alerting capability must be location specific, fast and scaleable, have high probability of immediate message receipt and understanding, and address requirements for multiple language and special needs. Messages left on a recipient's answering machine, voice mail, or email, are not effective if the information is time sensitive. Traditional "dial out" systems require the recipient to answer the phone or check the answering machine in order to receive the message.

Accessible for Everyone

ClassCo's Solution uses the patented PSM585 Notification Terminal to notify recipients immediately when the message is sent. The PSM585 translates the notification into the desired language of the user and can provide acknowledgement that the message was received. The PSM585 provides effective notification for all citizens, including children, elderly, multilingual populations, and people with special needs.

ClassCo’s Alert and Notification Solutions address today's public safety needs. Contact ClassCo for more information on how these solutions can reduce your cost and improve your notification capability.

Product Information

Image of PSM Emergency Notification Device

ClassCo PSM585 Emergency Notification Device

Click here to download the PSM Emergency Notification Device Datasheet

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